Apple Strawberry Fruit Snack

Apple and Strawberry Yumminess

No matter where kids are GoGoing, they can always snack on a delicious, tasty snack. All that lip-smacking fruit in a no-fuss, no-mess pouch – that’s how we squeeze more goodness into your day. Give them 1 of their 5 a day when they’re on the go!

Pack sizes available

  • 4


Apple, Apple Puree Concentrate, Strawberry, and Blackcurrant.

Nutrition panel

Apple Strawberry Fruit Snack

1 pouch per serving, 100g per pouch.

A simple pasteurisation makes it possible to preserve the pouches at ambient temperature without addition of preservatives. Storage at room temperature. Once opened use within 24 hours.

GoGo squeeZ® meets the standards for fruit snack in school in England, Scotland, Wales at the date of manufacture.

Amount Per Pouch

Per 100g

Energy: 218kj


Calories: 52kcal


Fat: < 0.5g


of which saturates: 0.1g


Carbohydrate: 10g


of which sugars: 9.5g


Dietary Fiber: 1.2g


Protein: < 0.5g

< 0.5g

Salt: < 0.01g

< 0.01g

Nothing but Goodness Inside

We want everyone to enjoy GoGo squeeZ. So we make sure all of our snacks are made with everyone in mind.

An apple in a lab coat performing scientific experiements.