Our Impact

Seeding it forward.

We aren’t just good at making snacks, we’re are also working towards reducing our environmental impact by making our packaging more recyclable and assisting reducing waste.

Let’s all do small wins for our Planet

Tips on sorting of our packaging

Please make sure to:
• throw cap and pouch into a plastic recycling bin.
• Place the outer box into the cardboard recycling.
• Do not recycle the empty pouch at home – recycle it with bags at large supermarkets.

This way, we’re all doing small wins.

Less Plastic? That’s Fantastic.

Our plastic helicopter caps are iconic, but they’re still plastic. That’s why we’re reducing the amount of plastic in each cap of fruit snacks by 40% (compared to the previous GoGo squeeZ pouch caps before 2020).

pouches in a basket sitting in grass.

New Pouch, Same Fruit Snack Quality

In 2022 we are working towards changing our GoGo squeeZ® fruit pouches so that they contain more polyethylene to make the packaging more recyclable in countries where facilities are able to recycle it locally. In doing so, our pouches may look and feel slightly different but the quality remains the same.

The movement against food waste

Through our partnership with Too Good To Go®, we plan to fight food waste at every step in our fruit puree production process. GoGo squeeZ® is raising awareness about the meaning of a “Best Before Date”. When the shelf life is expired, please don’t throw away the product, use common sense. Store the product according to storage information indicated on the pack to preserve its qualities.

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